Words of Wisdom Session (WoW)

For SCA'15 next year we plan to create a brand new session of talks: "Words of Wisdom (WoW!)" The aim is to invite experienced people who have a good overview of Computer Animation (or parts of it) and would like to share some ideas or thoughts to the community. If you have a scientific or even philosophical message to deliver which is personal, insightful, generous, original (and possibly provocative, but always benevolent and scientifically argumented), then we want to hear from you ! No format nor topic is imposed, except that your message should be somehow related to Computer Animation, it should deal with Science and Techniques, it should be respectful to others and constructive enough to be useful and inspiring for many people (students and/or faculty and/or industrials). It does not need to be broad (it's not a keynote talk) and can be focused on a specific point. It could for instance (but other categories are possible) fall in either of these categories:

Confirmed speakers are: